Do You Want to Empower Others to Engage Effectively,
Embrace their Inner Potential, and Elicit the Energy to Excel?

If you answered yes, you will benefit from the Energy Creators® message!

Energy Creators® programs and keynotes make a critical difference for:

  • ➤ Organizations desiring high performing teams
  • ➤ Leaders who influence others & intend to create environments that cultivate each person’s innate potential.
  • ➤ Non-profits, professional groups, & associations who want to intensify & extend member engagement.
  • ➤ Managers who desire to navigate change in either internal or external conditions with a proactive approach.
  • ➤ Anyone who wants to more regularly enjoy respites to refresh, renew & re-energize.


“Dr. Nancy Little delivers valuable – maybe even life-changing — words of wisdom. She encourages all of us to live full, productive lives. Then she produces the steps, instructions and specific details for success. I have posted some of her pearls of encouragement on my desk, keeping them handy for those days when life isn’t going my way.” Gayle, Denton, Texas

“Dr. Little’s workshop freed me in ways I did not know were possible. She was warm and gave me the courage I needed to truly forgive myself and others. This led to an explosion of positive changes in how I see myself and how I face the world each day. It is a blessing beyond my imagination.” Wendy, Ponder, Texas

“Dr. Little’s passion for her topic translated into an inspirational and energizing presentation that captivated her audience.” Dr, Jan Holden, University of North Texas

“I love Nancy’s nurturing spirit and the inspiring way she speaks of self-care. She reminds us that life is short, and we’re all better served if we strive to live in harmony with ourselves and others!” –Courtney Ramsey, Speaker, Learning & Development Consultant, Dallas, TX